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Callista Lay, DC and the staff of Revive Chiropractic Healing Center offer several different treatment options for patients who are experiencing issues with fertility. The facility serves the residents of the West Loop area, as well as other nearby Chicago, Illinois communities.

Fertility Q & A

How can Chiropractic Care Help Treat Fertility?

Individuals who have trouble with fertility can use chiropractic adjustments to help bring the entire body back into alignment. Fertility is often affected by structural imbalances that disrupt the production and release of certain hormones. When the body is brought back into balance on both a structural and physiological level, fertility is restored and the body is better able to conceive and carry a child. Along with chiropractic adjustments, other modalities can be used to help strengthen the body on all levels. The use of massage therapy in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments can stimulate the ovaries, increasing the potential for the release of a viable egg. Massage can also help to condition the uterus, making it stronger and better able to handle the rigors of a pregnancy.

Can Fertility be Affected by Spinal Injuries?

In some cases, spinal injuries can hamper how the reproductive organs function. If the spinal cord is damaged in the area where the nerves that feed the ovaries and uterus are located, it can have a dramatic impact on whether or not a person can conceive or carry a child. A chiropractic adjustment may be able to relieve the pressure on the nerves or restore proper balance to the area. Restoring balance can reduce inflammation and pressure on the nerves and help to re-establish proper hormone function that supports the reproductive processes.

How Important is Nutrition to Fertility?

Nutrition is essential to all bodily functions, including the ability to produce the elements needed to encourage the release of the egg and the preparation of the uterus for pregnancy. Fertility is not just dependent on how the reproductive system works; it also relies on the nutrients the body receives to create the proper environment for conception to take place. Proper nutrition helps to establish the right environment that is conducive to conception and the growth of the child in the womb. The use of massage therapy, chiropractic care to support the lower back, and the use of acupuncture to stimulate the release of the right types of hormones help to introduce the elements that are needed to ensure that conception occurs.

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