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At Revive Chiropractic Healing Center, Callista Lay, DC and her staff offer treatment options for effectively relieving back pain. The facility serves the residents of the West Loop area of Chicago, Illinois as well as many of the surrounding communities.

Back Pain Relief Q & A

What are Common Causes of Back Pain?

The most common causes of back pain involve the use of improper lifting techniques, chronic conditions like degenerative bone disease and spinal stenosis, and accidental injuries, such as those sustained in car accidents and slip and fall mishaps. If an injury to the back is not treated when it occurs, it will continue to remain out of balance or dislocated. This can result in inflammation that only worsens as time passes. Chronic illnesses that affect the back can be aggravated by injuries and create a vicious cycle of pain and discomfort.

How is Reiki Used Along With Chiropractic Adjustments?

Much like deep tissue massage, Reiki is a hands-on healing technique that complements chiropractic adjustments. While massage therapy manipulates the soft tissue to help support the skeletal structure, Reiki is a healing technique that uses universal energies to elicit a healing response deep within the tissues of the body. Reiki generates heat that is sent into the tissues, allowing them to relax. It also releases toxins that can hamper the healing process. As the chiropractic adjustment helps to restore proper balance to the body, Reiki helps to restore a positive flow of energy.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a hands-on healing technique that uses the Universal energies to help elicit a healing response deep inside the tissues of the body. It was developed by Mikao Usui in 1922. Usui was a Buddhist monk who believed that the Universal energy that flowed through everything could be used to help heal injuries and illnesses. Much like the qi in acupuncture, the universal life force travels through channels within the body being used wherever it is needed. This ability to flow freely from place to place allows the energy to be guided by the practitioner to exactly where it needs to be to create a healing environment.

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